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How to Know It’s Time for Garage Door Cable Replacement

Knowing when it’s time for garage door cable replacement is important to protect your garage door and your safety. High-tension cables support the door as it moves. Mesa Garage Doors is a name you can trust for high-quality garage door replacement. We also know a lot about garage door cables.  The cables attached to your […]

What Does Garage Spring Repair Cost?

One of the most common garage door services is garage spring repair. According to Angi, replacing a spring can cost between $150 and $350, including materials and labor. If additional repairs are required, you may spend up to $500. A double door generally costs an extra $15 to $30 per spring.1  Garage doors have two […]

Why a Wood Gate Is a Good Investment

Not every homeowner realizes a wood gate can be a good investment. Wood offers a classic look, but its reputation often doesn’t top other materials. However, the common belief that wood is weaker and less durable than steel isn’t correct. Wood gates from Mesa Garage Doors offer many benefits. If you’re still deciding what type […]

8 Risks of Putting Off Garage Door Repair

Putting off garage door repair creates far too many risks. Many homeowners believe a small issue can wait, hoping it won’t get worse. But if you delay fixing it, larger problems are almost certain. We’ll look at eight risks of putting off repairs that include your garage, vehicle, and entire home. 1. Increased Costs The […]

How Much Do Entry Doors Cost to Install?

Residential entry door installation ranges in cost significantly. An entry door provides a first impression of your home, so it’s important to consider its style, size, and how it matches your home’s decor. Your investment can pay off through increased curb appeal and property value. We’ll look at how much entry doors can cost and […]

8 Ways to Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

You can make your garage door last longer despite frequent use and wear and tear. Maintenance and usage habits are critical variables. A garage door can last up to 30 years when well cared for. Otherwise, its life can be significantly shorter. Here are eight ways to extend the lifespan of your new garage door. […]

Tips to Enhance Your Home with a New Garage Door

A new garage door can enhance your home in many ways. But it pays to carefully consider your options. According to a 2023 report by Remodeling Magazine, garage door replacement can yield a return on investment (ROI) of 102.7%, resulting in a profit when selling your home.1 Here’s how to enhance your home with a […]

What’s the Cost of Garage Door Installation?

Installing a new garage door isn’t cheap. However, the cost can be offset by increases in energy efficiency and home resale value. Curb appeal is also a factor whether you opt for metal or custom wood garage door installation. But for most homeowners, the upfront cost of a new garage door is the most pressing […]

7 Most Common Garage Door Repairs

Any garage door, no matter how well-maintained it is, will eventually need repairs. There are lots of heavy moving parts that can wear out and get damaged. Familiar with the most common issues, Mesa Garage Doors provides all types of garage door repairs in Los Angeles. Here’s a look at seven common repairs our technicians […]

How to Open Your Garage Door Manually

If you have an automatic garage door, there are times you may need to open it manually. A power outage can disable the opener. Or, the motor may stop working. Nonetheless, you can still operate your garage door. At Mesa Garage Doors, we can fix any problem with the system. We’ll also tell you how […]