How to Know It’s Time for Garage Door Cable Replacement

Knowing when it’s time for garage door cable replacement is important to protect your garage door and your safety. High-tension cables support the door as it moves. Mesa Garage Doors is a name you can trust for high-quality garage door replacement. We also know a lot about garage door cables. 

The cables attached to your garage door, which usually run through the springs, are under high tension. They are usually attached to the bottom brackets and run over the pulleys. While the cable will prevent the spring from launching across the room if it fails, the cable can be dangerous if it breaks. After all, it must support the entire weight of the door. 

However, you can take action and call a professional if you notice these signs you need garage door cable replacement:

A Cable Is Loose or Drooping

A bad cable may appear to be drooping, dragging, or frayed. If it appears loose or poorly attached, call for help. The same goes if it has fallen. Operating the garage door at this point can cause it to be damaged or fall to the ground and shatter to pieces. It can also result in other issues that require replacing the entire garage door. For example, a frayed cable can mean the spring has weakened and is putting more stress on it.

You See Rust on a Cable

If you see rust on a cable when you inspect it, assume the cable has weakened and have it replaced. Oxidation can mean the cable is on the verge of breaking. Using a spray lubricant once a year can prevent, slow down, or reduce the risk of corrosion.

The Door Is Misaligned

A bad cable can cause the garage door to open or close unevenly. It may appear lopsided, which can damage the track and strain the garage door opener motor. If misaligned, the door may also jerk instead of moving smoothly. Whether the alignment of the door is off is usually easy to notice. It may also suddenly stop.

The Door Doesn’t Respond Correctly

If you activate the garage door opener and it struggles to open, or there’s a delay of a few seconds or minutes, it can signal various issues. A malfunctioning cable can prevent parts from catching. Therefore, even if the garage door tries to open, it can take a long time to do so. Both cable and spring issues can cause this to happen.

Loud Noises

The high tension of the springs and cables can cause loud grinding, clashing, and other noises. Call a technician if applying a lubricant to the springs doesn’t lessen the noise. Don’t wait to call for help if there’s a sudden loud bang from your garage.

The Bearings Are Worn Out

Worn bearings can damage garage door cables. They can cause loud grinding or squeaking sounds while the door is operating. Check for marks or other signs of damage on the cables if you hear these sounds. Friction between the bearings and cables can also cause a burning odor. Call for garage door cable replacement if you see, hear, or smell something unusual.

A Cable Has Fallen

Loose tension is bad enough. However, if a cable has fallen and is hanging around the door, do not attempt to operate the garage door. Check to see if the fallen cable is still attached to the drum it’s supposed to wind around. Try to describe the issue to the garage door repair company when you call. It will help the technician more quickly diagnose and resolve this and other potential issues when they arrive.

Call for Garage Door Cable Replacement

We recommend inspecting your garage door cables and other components at least once a year. If there are any signs of damage, rust, or failure, contact Mesa Garage Doors to have the cable replaced right away. Our repair professionals will quickly inspect the system, diagnose the problem, and replace any cable or part that is damaged. When it’s time for garage door replacement, we’ll help you choose the best garage door material type, complement your entry door, and consider add-ons such as windows and insulation.

If you notice signs of trouble, you can reach us 24/7. Call (714) 515-7645 whenever you need garage door cable replacement or any other service.