What Does Garage Spring Repair Cost?

One of the most common garage door services is garage spring repair. According to Angi, replacing a spring can cost between $150 and $350, including materials and labor. If additional repairs are required, you may spend up to $500. A double door generally costs an extra $15 to $30 per spring.1 

Garage doors have two springs—one on each side. It’s best to replace both simultaneously, even if only one has gone bad. It’ll help maintain the door’s balance, and you’ll likely save by having both replaced in the same visit (rather than requiring a technician to return when the second spring fails).

How Is the Cost of Garage Spring Repair Calculated?

A few factors impact how the cost of garage door spring repair is determined. Ask for a breakdown of the costs when you receive a quote. You can’t typically repair a spring; the entire piece must be replaced, but the part isn’t the only thing you pay for. The garage spring repair replacement cost includes the following:

  • Materials: A set of two springs for a double garage door usually costs between $60 and $150.2 Brackets and other hardware costs extra. Your garage door repair technician will explain all the parts and materials you need, plus their costs.
  • Labor: Garage door repair professionals may charge $75 to $150 for the service call.2 The hourly rate varies with each contractor. Replacing garage door springs usually takes about one to two hours.
  • Garage Door Type: The type of springs needed depends on the garage door you have. Sectional garage doors (the most common in U.S. homes) and tilt-up garage doors use extension springs. However, a roll-up garage door uses torsion springs that are more expensive to replace. These are more often used in commercial settings.
  • Spring Type: Extension springs usually cost $50 to $100 each with labor. Torsion springs cost $75 to $150 to replace. A heavy-duty door may use commercial-grade springs, which cost $100 to $500 just for parts; labor can add an extra $150 to $300.1
  • Location: The cost of garage spring repair can vary by region. That’s because garage door contractors face different levels of supply and demand, which influence prices. Generally, repairs cost more in urban areas with a higher cost of living, but if a technician must travel long distances in a rural area, they may charge extra for the trip.

Other Cost Factors

The urgency of the situation can significantly affect the garage spring repair cost. Emergency garage door repair contractors can send someone to your home any time, day or night. However, off-hours service will cost extra.

If replacing springs and cables together, expect to pay $175 to $450. Replacing cables involves a bit of labor, which can cost you between $75 and $200.1 If different jobs are performed in the same visit, the repair technician may give you a discount.

Switching spring types costs more than installing the same kind of spring you had. For example, switching from extension to torsion springs costs $400 to $800. The technician will remove all the old spring parts on your garage door and install a new system. You can also hire a contractor to tune up your garage door springs; this type of maintenance costs around $50 to $150.1

When Should I Call for Garage Spring Repair?

If a garage door spring breaks suddenly, you’ll hear a loud bang and there’ll be no question you need to call a professional. But the issue often starts more subtly. Knowing the signs a spring is failing can prompt you to hire someone to fix it before there’s a bigger problem. These include:

  • The Garage Door Is Squeaking: A squeaking sound is often caused by metal parts rubbing together, which increases wear. You may need to clean or lubricate the spring. But if there’s a worn-out spring, frayed cable, or bent track, call for help.
  • Garage Springs Appear Rusty: Moisture can cause a garage door spring to rust and deteriorate. Rust can be prevented with a silicone or lithium-based lubricant. Lubricate springs more often in coastal or other high-humidity climates.
  • The Door Isn’t Working Right: If the door is crooked, won’t stay open, or crashes down, the springs are likely broken. Other signs include the door not opening when the motor runs. The door may also move more slowly than usual, while a spring with a visible gap must be replaced right away.

Request Garage Spring Repair from a Professional

At Mesa Garage Doors, we provide garage spring repair for most makes and models of garage doors. All springs eventually break. Our skilled technicians select the correct-sized springs to maximize their operating life. But when you need new springs or any other type of garage door repair in Southern California, call us at (714) 559-3696.