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What Is the Cost of Garage Door Repair?

The average garage door repair cost is $257, according to Angi (in 2024 dollars). However, you may pay as little as $80 for a minor repair or nearly $700 for a more extensive rehabilitation. The condition of your garage door affects curb appeal, home security, and the safety of people, cars, and belongings inside. Therefore, […]

5 Garage Door Lubrication Tips to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Garage door lubrication helps the system run smoothly and reduces wear and tear. In this article, we’ll provide maintenance tips for lubricating your garage door. This should be done at least once or twice a year (a professional can take care of it during routine annual or semi-annual maintenance). The system can even be lubricated […]

How to Open a Garage Door Manually From the Outside

You’re returning home on a rainy night, getting the kids back from school, or arriving at the end of a long work day, and pressing the garage door opener remote yields no response. Do you know how to open a garage door manually from the outside? If so, this situation won’t seem so dire. We’ve […]

What You Need to Know About Wood Garage Door Insulation

High-quality wood garage door insulation helps maintain your home’s overall energy efficiency. Since a garage door seals your home’s largest opening, there’s much to know. Without adequate insulation, your home will be warmer and more humid in summer and cold and drafty in winter. Your heating and cooling system will work harder and use more […]

7 Easy Garage Door Fixes If You’re Locked In the Garage

It’s never fun to be locked in the garage. Nor is it good if your garage door is stuck open. A jammed door can leave your car stuck inside or your home vulnerable to security threats and damage from inclement weather. But don’t panic. Before you call for help, there may be a garage door […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door Extension Springs?

Broken spring replacement is one of the most common garage door repairs, so you’ll eventually need new extension springs. Mounted on both sides of the track, they fully extend when the door is closed, storing energy to aid in opening it when you press the garage door opener button. However, this constant stretching causes wear […]

How to Insulate a Roll-Up Garage Door

Insulated roll-up garage doors are used in many settings. Constructed of thin slats that form a roll on top when the door is open, they’re often found in commercial buildings. They can also be used in homes, but there are more installation challenges compared to other garage doors. One of them is finding the right […]

14 Garage Door Painting Tips

Garage door painting, plus other considerations (like the type of garage entry door to install), can impact your home’s function and curb appeal. Many garage doors need a fresh coat of paint every few years. It not only looks good but can also protect the door. Whether you’ve never painted a garage door or it’s […]

Do I Need Garage Door Panel Replacement?

When your garage door is damaged, garage door panel replacement can avoid having to replace the entire system. It can be cost-effective if the damage is limited to a single panel. Depending on its design and construction or, for example, the reason the garage door won’t close in the rain, you may not be able […]

Can Windows Be Installed in an Existing Garage Door?

Homeowners often ask if windows can be installed in their existing garage door. Replacing a modern garage door system can be expensive, so this is an interesting question. But yes, you can install garage door windows in your existing door. They’re one of the best custom garage door features you can add. Garage door windows […]