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Do I Need to Replace a Garage Door That Doesn’t Close All the Way?

Dealing with a garage door that doesn’t close all the way is an aggravating experience. It can leave your garage vulnerable to the elements and put your home’s security at risk. But do you have to invest in garage door replacement? Usually not; in fact, you can often fix the problem without a professional. There […]

What Should I Do About Rats in the Garage?

Finding rats in your garage, or evidence of them such as droppings, signs of gnawing, nesting materials, foul odors, or scratching/light thumbing sounds is never a delightful experience. Dead or alive, rats can carry diseases and be destructive. They can damage cardboard boxes, machinery, wiring, and vehicles. If you have rats in the garage, you […]

How to Deactivate a Garage Door Opener

Did you know you can disconnect your garage door opener from the garage door? It can be done in just a few simple steps. First, we’ll look at why you’d want to know how to deactivate a garage door opener in the first place. Some of the reasons for it include: You’re going away on […]

12 Reasons a Garage Door Won’t Close

When your garage door doesn’t close, your home will be vulnerable to intruders, water entry, and other threats. But not every reason for the issue requires calling a professional. Some causes are easy to fix; others are not. Here are 12 reasons a garage door won’t close to help you decide what to do. 1. […]

Guide to Choosing a Driveway Gate

A driveway gate helps control access to your property. But it’s more than just a security feature. It can have personality and add curb appeal. There are many considerations when choosing a gate for your driveway. In this guide, we’ll look at the types of gates, design elements, accessories, and other things to consider when […]

Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close in the Rain

The weather can significantly affect your garage door. You might not think rain would cause issues with a well-maintained door, but that’s not always the case. A garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home to water damage. If it’s compromised, your garage, the belongings you store there, and the rest […]

Why Does My Garage Door Light Stay On?

All day, you thought the garage door opener light had turned off after you left. Then you arrive home after work to find it’s still on! The light is supposed to switch off automatically after a few minutes, so what happened?  We will explain a few answers to the question, “Why does my garage door […]

Guide to Purchasing Glass Garage Doors in Los Angeles

It’s not uncommon to see glass garage doors in Los Angeles. Sleek and modern, they are desirable to homeowners who want to modernize their properties. Glass garage doors typically have an aluminum frame, which is durable, lightweight, and rust- and corrosion-resistant. If you are considering installing one in your garage, here’s a guide to help […]

Tips for Lubing a Garage Door

Garage doors can become noisy and sluggish if you don’t lubricate them. Increased friction can contribute to overall wear and tear as well. To maintain your garage door and reduce the strain on the motor, lubricate moving parts every six months. You can avoid costly repairs, accidents, and premature replacement by following these tips for […]

How Do I Know If Someone Opened My Garage Door?

Has your garage door ever mysteriously opened by itself? If so, you know the unnerving feeling this brings on. It can put your home and family at risk. Therefore, it’s important to solve the problem quickly. Clients facing this issue may ask, “Is there an equipment problem or is it that someone opened my garage […]