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Pro’s and Con’s of a Roll-Up Garage Door

Nowadays, there are many options to pick from when you need a new garage door. One of them is a roll-up garage door. It’s made of small, thin slats that fold one by one into a roll at the top of the opening. Often used in commercial settings, it can be modified for use in […]

7 Signs to Replace Your Garage Door Weather Stripping

7 Signs to Replace Your Garage Door Weather Stripping While it usually won’t affect how your garage door operates, the weatherstrip is important. People tend to overlook it and miss signs it should be replaced. A bad weather strip can affect the comfort, cleanliness, and efficiency of your garage. Here are seven signs it’s time […]

Reasons Your Garage Door Needs to Be Properly Sealed

Reasons Your Garage Door Needs to Be Properly Sealed The weather seal is an important part of your garage door. It is a simple strip of vinyl. Seals fit on the bottom, top, and sides of the garage door and eliminate any gaps. While strong and sturdy, the vinyl strips wear out over time and […]

Should I Build a Detached Garage?

If you’re remodeling your home, adding to it, or constructing a new residence, “Should I build a detached garage?” may be among the most pressing questions. Depending on your needs, a detached garage can have many advantages over an attached one. But there can also be downsides. We’ll explore both and the potential cost of […]

How to Storm-Proof Your Garage Door

Strong storms can take a toll on garage doors. Homeowners must often purchase and install a new door to ensure it can withstand extreme weather. Hurricane-proof doors that meet the latest code requirements in storm-prone areas are an example. But it may be possible to retrofit an existing door depending on its age, condition, and […]

11 Ways to Boost Garage Security

The garage door is often the most prominent feature of a home’s front façade. Depending on many factors, it may also be the most vulnerable. It’s a common entry point for burglars. And garages hold many valuables, from cars to power tools, to lawnmowers and other items we don’t often think thieves are looking for. […]