When Do I Need a Garage Door Replacement?

It is sometimes obvious when you need a garage door replacement. However, there can be subtler signs that indicate, that even though your garage door is still operating, you would be better off with a new one. We’ll now look at a few reasons to start looking for a garage door company near you to shop around for a replacement.

Your Garage Door Has Had Many Years of Service

A garage door can be 15 years old and still be working, so you may ponder replacement for a bit. But if the garage door isn’t operating like it once was, repairs can cost more than installing a new system. Older parts are becoming scarcer and garage door openers now have different designs and technologies. Plus, newer systems are more energy efficient and run more quietly. By installing a new door, you can enjoy these benefits, improve curb appeal, and see a good return on investment.

Your Home Isn’t As Energy Efficient As It Could Be

Older garage doors can lose insulation, or may not have adequate insulation in the first place. If you have an attached garage, you may be losing heat or cooled air may be escaping. Some newer steel garage doors have a double-, triple-, or quadruple-layer construction. A new door with high-quality materials and insulation can contribute to improved comfort and lower energy bills so you see savings over the long run.

The System Is Noisy or Vibrating More Than Usual

Rattling, grinding, banging, or any sound that seems like the garage door is straining can mean major hardware is wearing out. Loose parts, damaged rollers and tracks, and faulty garage door openers can make noise and cause the door to vibrate when in motion. The longer you let these things go, the more likely there is to be enough damage to warrant replacing the door.

Door Panels Are Sagging

Sagging can hint that the structure of the door is damaged. Panels of sectional garage doors can be replaced individually, but when an older door’s panels are sagging, the unit may get stuck or become lopsided when operating it. A damaged, unbalanced door isn’t of much use and can be a danger to your family, so consider garage door replacement sooner rather than later.

The System Doesn’t Respond Properly

It shouldn’t take more than two seconds for the garage door to respond when you press the remote or opener button. If so, it may need to be replaced. Delays can mean mechanical or electrical components are worn or damaged to the point their basic functions are no longer reliable.

You Need Frequent Repairs

Garage door repairs are expensive enough. Think about when you need to keep calling a technician back to fix a door just recently repaired. After a garage door is fixed several times and needs work shortly thereafter, potentially hazardous breaks may be around the corner. If parts are broken or rusted, the door should be replaced.

Contact a Reputable Garage Door Company Near You

If you need garage door replacement, you can trust Mesa Garage Doors for high-quality service, parts, and results in Anaheim, CA. We provide all types of garage door repair but every door eventually reaches the end of its life. Depending on your home and/or preferences, our skilled installers can provide a traditional, carriage house, aluminum, wood, or contemporary garage door. Get a new door estimate by scheduling your appointment online or by calling 714-364-4987.