Do I Need Garage Door Panel Replacement?

When your garage door is damaged, garage door panel replacement can avoid having to replace the entire system. It can be cost-effective if the damage is limited to a single panel. Depending on its design and construction or, for example, the reason the garage door won’t close in the rain, you may not be able to replace individual panels. Consult with the manufacturer or a garage door professional to determine your best option. 

*It costs about $350 to $700 to replace a garage door panel (some jobs can exceed $3,000), so you want to proceed with caution.1

Why Should I Replace a Garage Door Panel?

If the damage is limited and doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the door, garage door panel replacement is feasible. Some of the reasons to consider this option include:

  • Collisions: Backing your vehicle into the door or an impact by a ball or other object can cause localized damage, such as scratches, dents, and deformities.
  • Wear and Tear: Garage door panels can be stressed by the repeated opening and closing of the door. Hinges can weaken and cracks can form in individual panels.
  • Exposure to the Elements: Rain, snow, wind, ultraviolet light, and more can wear away at garage door panels over time. Fading, discoloration, rust, warping, and general deterioration may warrant replacing panels.
  • Simpler Fixes Aren’t Possible: Depending on the scale of the damage and the material, small dents and scratches can be fixed without replacing the panel. Consult with a professional to determine if panel replacement is the best option.

Whether individual panels can be replaced depends on the garage door model. Some garage doors are designed as single, cohesive units. These must be replaced as a whole. But again, it’s best to consult with a professional who’s familiar with different makes and models and their repair requirements.

Can I Replace More than One Garage Door Panel?

There are different approaches to garage door panel replacement. In many cases, you can save and avoid having to replace the entire door. If a panel can be replaced while maintaining the door’s safety, structural integrity, and functionality, the choices may include:

  • Single-Panel Replacement: If the damage is limited in scale, and you can match a single replacement panel to the rest of the door, one panel can be replaced. Matching the panel allows for seamless integration and helps preserve the door’s original design. It can also resolve issues to avoid more extensive repairs and extend the unit’s life.
  • Multi-Panel Replacement: If your garage door has numerous panels and multiple damaged sections, you can, for example, replace two panels. However, the cost of repairs will be higher than replacing a single panel (sometimes as much as a garage door replacement). If the repair cost is exceedingly high, replacing the entire system makes more sense.
  • Color- and Shade Matching: Whether you’re replacing one or two panels, they must match the other panels on your garage door. Every detail must be considered. The color and shade of your garage door can change over time. Replacing a faded panel won’t have ideal results if you don’t match the color. A garage door professional can help maintain harmony by finding the right panel or properly painting or staining it.

Is DIY Garage Door Panel Replacement Possible?

Replacing a garage door panel requires special skills, tools, and safety precautions. The weight of the door can make it very challenging. There’s also a high risk of additional damage or injury. A professional also knows every factor to consider, including:

  • Your garage door’s/panel’s measurements
  • The manufacturer and model of the door
  • The types of joints and hinges used 
  • How to match the color of a replacement panel with the rest of the garage door 

Therefore, a contractor can ensure a seamless installation process.

When Should I Consider Complete Garage Door Replacement?

Replacing just one or two panels may not resolve the problem if your wooden garage door is sagging and there are gaps when it closes. The issue may be with your automatic garage door opener. Cracked wood, peeling paint, poor performance, or a lack of efficiency can indicate more widespread problems that can only be fully resolved by replacing your entire garage door system.

Call Mesa for Help with Garage Door Panel Replacement

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