Reasons Your Garage Door Needs to Be Properly Sealed

Reasons Your Garage Door Needs to Be Properly Sealed

The weather seal is an important part of your garage door. It is a simple strip of vinyl. Seals fit on the bottom, top, and sides of the garage door and eliminate any gaps. While strong and sturdy, the vinyl strips wear out over time and it’s a good idea to replace them when they’re not sticking, are cracked, or sagging. These are some reasons why your garage door needs proper sealing.

To Keep Cold Air Out

Without a seal, cold air will blow in through cracks around the garage door. This makes it unpleasantly cold in the garage and can cause your furnace to burn more energy to try to warm things up. The same goes for your air conditioner in the summer, as cold air will escape through any gaps, making it extremely hot inside. Garage door sealing helps control temperatures in the garage and your home and can help lower your energy bills.

To Prevent Things from Getting Inside

A weathertight seal keeps out the rain and snow. It is also effective at blocking leaves and debris that can blow or track in at any time. Squirrels, rats, mice, and other creatures that can slip through tight spaces also cannot get through weatherproofing. Bugs, whether they crawl or fly, can’t as well.

To Protect Your Garage Door

Acting as a bumper, the seal cushions the blow if the edge of the door hits something on the way down, such as a car. It also protects the door as it comes to a stop on the concrete floor. If the garage door strikes the concrete every time it’s lowered, this increases wear and tear. It won’t last as long and will need to be replaced sooner. A seal, therefore, saves quite a bit of money over the long run.

To Protect Your Valuables

Temperature extremes, dirt, and water can damage furniture, tools, storage boxes, clothes, electronics, or any other belongings you have in the garage. If water can get in or moisture can build up, mold and bacteria can grow. A garage door seal provides a controlled environment where you don’t have to worry about these things.

To Make Your Garage Livable

The garage is often used as a living space, whether as a media center, home theater, workshop, playroom, studio, home gym, or man cave. A weather seal is a must if you’re going to make the space livable. It allows for comfortable temperatures, prevents water entry, and reduces noise from outside while preventing sounds from the garage from being heard in the neighborhood.

How Do I Know My Garage Door Seal Is Working?

If you don’t have moisture or temperature problems in your garage, chances are the seal is just fine. You can also check its integrity by seeing if light is visible at the bottom of the door. Either look for sunlight from inside your garage during the day or turn an interior light on at night, go outside, and see if any light is visible from underneath the door.

Another way to test the seal is to splash water against the bottom of the garage door (when it’s closed). Go to the other side and see if any water has seeped through. After heavy rain, check for water entry as well. Drafts can also help determine if the seal needs to be repaired/replaced. With the door closed, hold a piece of paper against its perimeter; if the paper moves, a draft is getting through the seal.

Inspect the seal visually as well. If it’s discolored, the coloring is inconsistent, or the seal cracks when you push on it, feels stiff or is higher or lower in places, it should be replaced. Fortunately, removing an old seal and installing a new one is simple, but you should call a professional because installation mistakes can throw the door out of alignment.

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