What’s the Cost of Garage Door Installation?

Installing a new garage door isn’t cheap. However, the cost can be offset by increases in energy efficiency and home resale value. Curb appeal is also a factor whether you opt for metal or custom wood garage door installation. But for most homeowners, the upfront cost of a new garage door is the most pressing concern.

According to Forbes, the national average cost of garage door installation is about $1,200, including labor (as of spring 2023). The exact price can range from $260 to $2,300.1 Why does the cost of garage doors vary so much? The reason is—that many factors affect the price you pay. We’ll look at a few of these below:

Garage Door Size

The size of a garage door is usually not optional, like other cost factors. You must choose a unit that fits the space. A single-car garage door typically measures 8 x 7 feet and costs $400 to $900. A double-car garage door measures 16 x 7 feet and costs $650 to $3,600.1

Meanwhile, the number of doors increases costs. A single door is usually in the $600 to $1,500 range. But a double-door configuration can range from $800 to $3,500. Custom-sized and configured doors will cost even more.1

Type of Garage Door

Homeowners in Southern California have many types of garage doors to choose from. Each comes at a different price point. The most common door types include:

  • Sectional (Start at $700)1: The most popular type, sectional garage doors consist of horizontal panels connected by hinges. This design allows them to roll up along the ceiling.
  • Roll-Up (Start at $650)1: Roll-up garage doors open similar to a window blind. Expect to pay more for labor to install them. A glass roll-up door can cost $3,800 to install.2
  • Single-Panel (Start at $400)1: A single-piece garage door that slides up to open, without bending or curving.
  • Swing-Out/Sliding (Start at $1,000)1: A swing-out garage door is a two-piece system that opens like standard doors. Sliding models rest against garage walls when open.
  • Carriage ($1,000 to $10,000): Carriage garage doors provide a classic style used since the era of horse-drawn carriages. They’re now a luxury option, often made of wood with glass windows.


Steel garage doors are extremely common. They cost between $450 and $1,500 on average. While long-lasting, they are prone to rusting in a rainy climate. You can avoid rusting and benefit from improved insulation with aluminum doors, but they can cost $500 to $2,000 to install.1

Wood is also a popular garage door material; it’s easy to customize but pricey. Installation can cost well over $1,000, and regular maintenance is a must. A low-maintenance alternative, composite doors are well insulating and generally less costly; they can start at $750. 

Tempered glass typically adds to the cost of an aluminum or wooden door, but lacks insulation and adds weight (although natural light can boost energy efficiency). However, if you like the appearance of wood and low maintenance, fiberglass and vinyl garage doors cost around $800 to $2,000. 1


Insulation can improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. Depending on the insulation type (polystyrene, polyurethane, or fiberglass), it can add $50 to $500 to the cost of garage door installation. Windows can be an attractive upgrade, but you’ll pay roughly $1,600 more for a new garage door with glass windows.1


If the cost of materials is higher in your area, installing a garage door will be more expensive. Higher demand for garage door installation also increases costs. You’ll also pay more if you reside in a city with a higher cost of living.

Additional Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

Labor is a significant cost factor; expect to spend $200 to $500 per door just for installation. If you have an automatic door installed, you’ll need an electrician to run the wiring, which costs about $75 per hour. Overall, making a door automatic can add up to $1,300 to the project cost (manual garage doors cost from $600 to $2,150).2 Accessories such as keypads, lights, security sensors, and others will also add to the total price.

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