Benefits of Custom Wood Garage Door Installation

Wooden garage doors can be customized specifically to your needs. That’s one of the reasons they are so appealing. No material is quite as customizable as wood while maximizing form and function. If you’re considering a replacement or update, here’s a look at the perks of custom wood garage door installation.

Lots of Stylistic Options to Choose From

You can keep a natural wood color if you prefer, or use a light stain to create the shade you want. The door can also be painted in any color. Wood is the easiest garage door material to paint. Numerous types of finishes are available as well. You can therefore match the exterior of your home or spruce up your facade to improve curb appeal.

Flexibility in Size and Shape

A custom wood garage door suits a garage with a non-standard size or shape. It can be easily crafted to perfectly fit the dimensions. If you need extra storage space or have a recreational vehicle, a wood garage door is a good choice. Custom sizing any other type of door is much more difficult and costly.

Different Types of Wood to Pick From

Plywood, while the least expensive type of wood door, can be made to look more upscale with a hardwood veneer. Other common types of wood garage doors include cedar, which is highly resistant to decay, and redwood, which resists rot and warping when built in thinner layers. Composite wood (which is recycled) is often as solid as steel and resistant to rotting and cracking.

Wood Garage Doors Are Well-Insulated

Wood is a natural insulator so helps protect your home against heat or cold. It can contribute to greater energy efficiency as well. Manufacturers can add more insulating layers and materials if necessary, depending on the needs of your home, further adding to the value that wood provides.

A Custom Garage Door Can Fit Any Budget

Custom wood garage door installation is budget-friendly. If you’re looking to save, a lighter-weight door can be installed. You can go for a simpler design as well. But if you have the budget, custom wood garage doors can feature a toughened design, polished wood, and a range of functional and decorative features to meet your wants and needs. Either way, your garage door will be high-quality and extremely durable.

Installation and Labor Warranty

Custom garage door manufacturers and dealers usually provide a generous warranty and guarantee on their labor and workmanship. You can save significantly if repairs are needed later. Oftentimes, you’ll receive years of protection, although every warranty differs in terms of what is covered. Always read the fine print.

Wood Garage Doors Are Durable

When protected against weather and moisture, wooden doors hold up well. It’s not easy to dent a wood garage door. Also, scratches, dings, and scuffs are not as common as with other materials. You can reduce wear and tear by taking the right steps early on and by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Wood Is a Renewable Material

Wood is a natural, renewable material. Therefore, customizing and owning a garage door made of wood can have a positive impact on the environment. Your carbon footprint is reduced by having a wood garage door built and installed in your home.

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