Best Features and Options for Custom Garage Doors in Los Angeles

When installing a garage door, homeowners often select custom features and options. The garage door is a prominent element of a home’s exterior. Customizing it can improve visual appeal, durability, and security. There are many choices for custom garage doors in Los Angeles, so we’ll break down some of the options and important decisions to make.

Style/Design of the Garage Door

First, you need to pick a style that you prefer. Styles can be selected based on your home’s architecture, and include:

  • Victorian/Georgian/Colonial: Provides a stable or farmhouse look, with decorative hardware and windows that match those of your home.
  • 1950s Ranch Style: Doors with a plain finish and banding, wood slats, or other horizontal features; no hardware provides a streamlined look.
  • Edwardian: Raised panels or sections with arch-top or divided-light windows.
  • Modern/Contemporary: Often making a statement, this style uses an aluminum frame, stained wood, frosted or pebbled glass, and/or a horizontal or V-ribbed banded design.

You’ll also find common designs to customize your garage door, such as:

  • Raised-Panel: A popular choice among homeowners, a raised-panel design can be achieved with different materials; it suits most home styles and provides a high insulating value.
  • Roll-Up: Doors that roll up are more compact, which is beneficial for smaller garages and homes.
  • Sectional: Sectional doors are well-insulated against wind and water and are suited for a homeowner who prefers more garage space.
  • Sliding: Horizontally moving garage doors are quieter and easier to maintain. They can be operated remotely or manually.
  • Swing: Swing garage doors have one or two steel panels. They have a classic design and will fit so long as there’s enough horizontal space. Our Carriage House Style garage doors simulate the look of a swing-style model.


  • Wood: While wood requires more maintenance than other materials, many people prefer its classic look. Wood is easy to customize with overlays, painting, or staining.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is rustproof, durable, and requires little or no maintenance. Its low weight reduces the stress on the garage door opener. Many custom options are available.
  • Steel: A stronger option than aluminum, steel can accommodate a wide range of styles, finishes, and colors.


Windows are popular for garage doors because of their aesthetic appeal. They come in all shapes and sizes too. Adding windows can make a garage look fresh and your home seem larger. Letting in natural light, garage door windows can also increase visibility and efficiency inside your garage (the brightness and warmth reduce the need for electric lighting and heating). To boost privacy and security, windows can be tinted or frosted.


You can choose from practically any color or combination of colors. It’s generally advised to complement the color of your home. Tan or beige is more visually pleasing when the siding is made of red brick. Some suggest matching the garage door color with that of the front door; others say to match it with the window trim. But if you plan on selling your home soon, a neutral color is the safest choice.

Decorative Elements

There’s a nearly infinite range of possibilities when it comes to hinges and handles. Hardware can be showcased out in the open or hidden, depending on the garage door’s overall style and your preferences. The size, shape, and material of these elements are also up to you. Wrought iron hardware is popular, especially for rustic homes. Decorative strapping in an “X” or “Z” shape is another option.


Not all options for custom garage doors in Los Angeles are about the look. For example, you can often choose the type of insulating core that’s built-in. It can make your garage more comfortable, your home more energy efficient, and contribute to lower energy bills. Insulation shields against hot and cold as well as noise. The higher the R-value of an insulating material, the more effective it is.


Garage door security features have gotten more diverse and smarter. You can often select from keyless entry, remotes that easily switch frequencies, and garage door openers that provide each user with a unique access code. Proximity sensors, which detect when someone is using an app to operate the garage door, are available as well.

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