What Should I Do About Rats in the Garage?

Finding rats in your garage, or evidence of them such as droppings, signs of gnawing, nesting materials, foul odors, or scratching/light thumbing sounds is never a delightful experience. Dead or alive, rats can carry diseases and be destructive. They can damage cardboard boxes, machinery, wiring, and vehicles. If you have rats in the garage, you must get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

How to Get Rid of Rats

If your garage is already infested, here are some ways you can deal with the problem:

  • Set Traps: A snap trap captures a rat with a heavy-gauge steel bar as it steps on a trigger plate. When a rat steps on a glue trap, a strong adhesive prevents it from getting away. If there’s a single entry point, you can place a one-way exclusion funnel that prevents a rat from getting back in. You can also set traps outside the garage where they can lure rats outside or control them before they get inside.
  • Use Rat Poison: While it’s highly effective at killing and repelling rats, poison is not the best solution if you have kids or pets. Carefully consider if rat poison is the right option for your home and use it only out of reach of children and pets.
  • Get a Cat: Cats love to capture rats and are great at it. A cat or two will find a few. And being the intelligent creatures they are, rats will leave an area where they are in danger. But don’t leave out other methods of deterrence, prevention, or cleanup; nests, odors, and droppings will remain, increasing the risk of future infestations.

Calling a professional rat exterminator is another option. Their expertise and equipment can help fight off any type of infestation. An exterminator will determine how to eliminate the problem and avoid future issues. They’ll also clean up debris from rats and any residue from the extermination process.

Keeping Rats Away for Good

After you find rats in the garage and eliminate them, it’s time to take steps to keep them out. These are the most effective strategies for permanently rat-proofing your garage:

  • Seal Holes: Rats usually get inside through holes. Inspect the walls and garage door for these holes, fill them, and place caulking around the edges. If necessary, contact a local garage door repair company to seal any holes or cracks in door panels or spaces around the edges. 
  • Keep Food and Water Out: No food should be stored in the garage. No matter how well it’s sealed and packaged, rats can smell it anyway. They’re also always searching for water, which they need to survive. Avoid storing water here and fix any leaks right away.
  • Don’t Clutter the Garage: Clutter provides rats with shelter and hiding spots. If you have a lot of debris and unused belongings lying around, clean up your garage and store items neatly. This will make the environment unattractive to rats.
  • Use an Electronic Rat Deterrent: An ultrasonic device emits sound at a frequency humans can’t hear but that rats find irritating. It will make your garage an intolerable place to be for them.
  • Fill Holes: Rats may have used or created holes in the past. If you find new holes dug near your garage, fill them quickly. But make sure no rats remain. They won’t be able to leave and may die and decompose inside your garage.
  • Inspect the Attic: Many infestations start in the attic, especially if tree branches touch the structure. Trimming branches back can help prevent rats from reaching your home. Also, do what it takes to address the problem inside your garage.
  • Fix the Garage Door: Rats can chew through the rubber seal that weatherizes your garage door. This should be intact for many reasons. But if it’s degraded, rats can squeeze through it, so schedule garage door repairs whenever you find any issues.

Call Mesa Garage Doors If You Have Rats in the Garage

We can fix your garage door fast, whether it’s stuck, has a broken spring, or is off the track. Our team can also repair holes, cracks, and worn weatherstrips. Rats in garages often get there due to issues with your garage door system. We can resolve any damage and rat-proof your garage permanently. To schedule a free repair estimate, book service online or call (714) 613-0646.