7 Easy Garage Door Fixes If You’re Locked In the Garage

Mesa Garage Doors - 7 Easy Garage Door Fixes If You’re Locked In the Garage

It’s never fun to be locked in the garage. Nor is it good if your garage door is stuck open. A jammed door can leave your car stuck inside or your home vulnerable to security threats and damage from inclement weather. But don’t panic. Before you call for help, there may be a garage door fix that turns your day around. Here are a few DIY steps you can try:

1. Unlock the Garage Door

If your garage door is locked, it won’t move no matter how hard you try. Locking the door can improve safety by preventing it from accidentally opening. Or, it can deter intruders. Perhaps you forgot you left the garage door locked. If there’s no other issue with the system, unlocking the door will allow you to open and close it as usual.

2. Pull the Emergency Release Cord

Open the door manually to bypass a stubborn automatic garage door opener. To do so, pull the red emergency release cord above the front of the garage door. This will disengage the opener. You should then be able to lift and close the door by hand. 

If the door is too heavy to lift, you may need a technician to replace a spring or cable. Even if it opens with little effort, there could be an issue with the garage door opener, whether it’s unplugged, the breaker tripped, or the opening mechanism is damaged.

3. Change the Remote Control Batteries

If you’ve examined the garage door opener and all seems fine, check the batteries in the remote control. The batteries should last a while. However, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. Just follow the product instructions for the right type of battery and how to replace it. 

4. Check the Motor Connection

If you’re locked in the garage, perhaps you’ve used the disconnect cord recently and forgot to reset it. Or, someone accidentally switched or turned something that disconnected the motor. If it’s not damaged, reconnecting it should restore the normal operation of your garage door.

5. Look for a Blocked Sensor

The photo eye sensors are located on both sides of the garage door opening. They use an invisible beam to detect objects; if this beam is blocked, the sensors trigger the garage door opener to stop. Dirt, a stray toy, or a spider web can block the path of the signal. Remove anything obstructing the transmitter or receiver and see if the garage door works again.

6. Clean the Garage Door Track

If your garage door is stuck, another good place to look is the tracks. Dirt, leaves, stones, toys, and debris can get stuck and prevent your garage door from moving. The rollers are very sensitive. If you can, pick or brush out any obstructions, so the rollers can move smoothly again. But if the tracks have dents, bumps, warping, or other signs of damage, call a repair specialist to inspect and either repair or replace them.

7. Check the Garage Door Springs

Perform a visual inspection of your garage door’s springs. They are located either at the top if they’re torsion springs or alongside the door if they’re extension springs. Each spring should form a continuous coil; continue searching for the cause of your stuck door if the springs look okay.

However, if a spring appears broken, there’s a gap in the middle, or the spring is hanging, it cannot support the weight of the garage door. Call a repair professional to replace the spring. Attempting this type of repair on your own risks injury or property damage.

When to Call a Professional

Don’t delay calling for help if you suspect a bad spring caused your garage door to get stuck. Other signs you should call a garage door repair company include:

  • The Garage Door Jams While Open: If the door is open and won’t close, pulling the emergency release cord or the handle can cause it to rapidly fall to the ground. This can cause major damage or injure you. Put a log or another object under the door before proceeding, but if you’re not skilled at this type of repair, call for help before doing anything.
  • The Garage Door Is Crooked: A door can get stuck on one side due to damaged springs, poor lubrication, or going off the track. Other issues can also lead to such a problem. A professional is trained to know what to look for, so it’s best not to take any chances.
  • The Door Sticks Halfway or Jams Going Up: If the door doesn’t open all the way, close it. Pull the emergency release cord and try to open it again. If it still only opens halfway, there is a garage door or opener problem, so contact a professional. 

Contact Mesa Garage Doors

A stuck garage door is a common issue for homeowners. If you’re locked in the garage and there isn’t a simple garage door fix, our trained technicians can diagnose and correct the underlying cause. They can fix garage door openers, springs, cables, rollers, tracks, and other components. If you need a garage door repair company in Los Angeles, call us at (800) 893-1107 we are open 24/7.