Why a Wood Gate Is a Good Investment

Not every homeowner realizes a wood gate can be a good investment. Wood offers a classic look, but its reputation often doesn’t top other materials. However, the common belief that wood is weaker and less durable than steel isn’t correct. Wood gates from Mesa Garage Doors offer many benefits. If you’re still deciding what type of gate to install, here are a few reasons a wooden gate can be a worthwhile investment.

Wood Is a Cost-Effective Solution

In general, timber costs less than metal. You’ll pay more for higher-quality timber and for regular maintenance, such as coating it to prevent rot and discoloration. However, the lower cost of wood makes it more cost-effective upfront.

Wood Gates Are Damage-Resistant

Despite the common belief, wood is not weak. It tolerates the elements quite well. In medieval times, shields were made out of wood and protected people in battle against steel and iron weapons. A gate made out of wood can certainly hold up in windy weather and with repeated use. Wood is also more resistant to dents, scratches, and dings compared to steel, aluminum, or plastic.

The Aesthetics Are Unbeatable

Wooden gates have remained fashionable for a long time. They come in many different styles. A traditional style is the five-bar gate, which is often found on farms and properties with farm-inspired designs. Wood security gates can be streamlined and attractive while providing a strong barrier against any threats. When any wood gate is properly maintained, it will withstand the test of time and can even look better with age.

Wooden Gates Are Highly Secure

Wood gates can provide effective security for homes and businesses. Higher gates, reinforcements, and durable locking systems can increase security even more. A sturdy gate is an effective deterrent and difficult to break down. Therefore, wooden gates can increase the amount of protection whether used for a front, side, or back entrance or even an equipment storage area.

The Functionality Beats Anything Else

The versatility of wooden gates enables them to be cut to any size or shape. Therefore, a gate can fit any opening. Whether you intend to boost security, increase privacy, or look professional, a wood gate is a good investment. A gate installer can craft the product to meet your requirements, whether the gate is for a large front entrance or an entry point along a perimeter fence. Small gates can also be created to separate parts of your garden.

A Wood Gate Is Easy to Repair

Metal and plastic gates can be challenging to fix. Doing so requires a higher level of expertise than repairing a timber gate. The materials required to repair wood are less expensive. Someone experienced in repairing timber can restore your gate in no time.

Using Wood Helps Protect the Environment

Wood is a renewable resource and producing wood gates requires fewer fossil fuels. It is far more sustainable than using metal. Therefore, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, a wooden gate can be a good investment for your home or business.

As you can see, investing in a wood gate can improve the function, appearance, and security of your property. Combined with other benefits, it can also boost property value.

Order a Custom Wood Gate from Mesa Garage Doors

Produced exclusively in our Southern California wood shop, our custom wood gates can be crafted for driveways and entryways. We use the finest materials to bring your vision to life; elegance and function are our top design priorities. Whether it’s a driveway gate or a pedestrian gate, you can expect the highest quality product that’s strong, durable, and secure. Speak to one of our friendly representatives and discuss your ideas by calling (714) 497-1952 today.