8 Risks of Putting Off Garage Door Repair

Putting off garage door repair creates far too many risks. Many homeowners believe a small issue can wait, hoping it won’t get worse. But if you delay fixing it, larger problems are almost certain. We’ll look at eight risks of putting off repairs that include your garage, vehicle, and entire home.

1. Increased Costs

The average garage door repair costs $254.1 

Therefore, spending money to repair a garage door can save you a lot later. Replacing a worn cable or chain can cost as little as $100, while springs cost about $180 to $350 to fix, including labor.1 However, some garage doors can cost thousands of dollars to replace. 

A neglected garage door can also fail and cause additional damage, so you could end up paying the cost of replacing a garage door opener and valuables that get stuck under, impacted by, or crushed by broken components.

2. Break-ins and Thefts

If your garage door doesn’t lock or close properly, your home is vulnerable to a break-in or theft. Burglars and uninvited guests often simply walk through a poorly secured door. Many times, someone is at home during a break-in, unaware an uninvited guest has entered until it’s too late. Confronting an intruder is often a dangerous encounter. Therefore, a garage door repair can improve the security of you and your entire family.

3. Injuries

Having your garage door fixed is a personal safety matter. A rusted or broken spring may not look like a big issue. But the extra load on the second spring will cause it to fail, too. Garage door springs break with incredible force and can fling sharp heavy objects around the room. Being hit by one can cause serious injuries or be fatal. A worn spring or any other type of garage door damage is not something you can wait on.

4. Vehicle Damage

A broken garage door component can land or bounce off your car, truck, or SUV and cause costly collateral damage. Think of what can happen if it hits a window and someone inside is struck by flying glass, a metal spring, or a splintered part of your garage door. Or, the entire door can fail and 400 pounds of debris can come crashing down on the vehicle. That can mean spending thousands of dollars more in repairs on top of replacing your garage door.

5. More Garage Door Problems

A worn spring, cable, roller, or any other part will increase the load on other components. Therefore, putting off garage door repair can lead to damage that could have been avoided. Other issues are related to aesthetics. Neglected garage doors usually look the part; they may open or close unevenly, have cracked panels, look rusted, or have dents, dings, and scratches.

6. Inconveniences

The ability to open or close your garage door whenever you come or go is convenient. Automatic garage doors will respond to your every command. But it’s rather inconvenient when you have to leave your car and follow the steps to open it manually. That’s not what you paid your hard-earned money for. The frustration can be worse in bad weather or if you’re already late to work or an appointment.

7. Reduced Property Value

A home is the biggest investment most people ever make. It stands to reason you should take care of it. The garage door is also the largest moving part of your home. Dealing with persistent issues isn’t going to help get much personal value out of your property. The resale value of your home may also decrease if your garage door is in disrepair.

8. Stress and Hardship

You should have your garage door repaired simply because it’s the right thing to do. Knowing the risks of letting it go, scheduling a professional repair should give you some peace of mind. Garage door problems don’t get better by themselves (they’ll only get worse) and a small issue is often a sign of something worse. Investing in small repairs and maintenance can save you many hassles and headaches later.

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