Can a Bent Garage Door Be Fixed?

A bent garage door can be fixed, but how you proceed depends on the issue. You may be tempted to try a DIY fix as soon as you notice the problem. But is this a good idea? The warranty may dictate what types of repairs must be done professionally. Proceeding with a repair without expertise or a license can risk voiding the warranty. The best way to start is to ask a garage door repair company if you should move forward or schedule an appointment.

You can fix some garage door issues. Some examples include cleaning dirt and debris from the tracks, tightening nuts and bolts, adjusting a bracket, or lubricating springs, rollers, and hinges. But more advanced tasks should be handled by a skilled technician. 

Why Does a Garage Door Bend?

A garage door can bend or dent for many reasons. The most common causes include an impact by a vehicle or sports equipment, falling debris, or hail. An obstruction in the tracks can also bend the garage door. Other causes include contact with power tools or use of improper cleaning equipment.

The consequences of a bent garage door include moisture intrusion (if the weather seal is broken), leading to water damage. A bent panel can also obstruct the garage door opener. Therefore, the door may not fully open or close and can be damaged more by trying to operate it. If there’s a bent panel, you should call for garage door repair right away.

How a Bent Garage Door Is Fixed

A bend in a garage door panel can damage the track, a roller, or a bearing. It can also cause a lag in movement that strains the garage door opener. If a panel at the bottom of the garage door is bent, it can often be repaired without much hassle.

However, if the garage door is bent in the middle, repairing it may take more time and effort. Replacing the entire panel requires removing all the panels attached to it. Extensive fixes can be quite costly and require a professional to replace the garage door.

Fixing a bent garage door can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Hammer Out the Bend: A bend in a garage door can be hammered out if the damage isn’t extensive. Use a soft rubber mallet or block of wood if going with this approach. Place the mallet or wood block on the bend (from behind where it protrudes outward) and hold it tight against the surface. Strike the block lightly. Using too much force will only make the dent bigger.
  • Use Suction Cups: Suction cups can be used as an alternative if the dent is small. Place the suction tool over the dented area. The pressure from the suction device straightens out the damaged segment. This method is most effective for metal garage doors. 
  • Straighten the Panel with Heat: When you heat a piece of metal, it can take its original form as it cools. First, place a piece of aluminum foil on the dented section. Then, apply a heat source along with compressed air. This quickly heats and cools the panel, which straightens it within a few minutes.
  • Fill the Dent: If the door still opens and closes normally, filling the dent is possible. To do so, start by sanding the area. This smooths out any jagged fragments. Then, fill the dented space with an auto-body filler (mix in a hardening agent if the product instructions call for it) and apply the filler. Once it’s smooth, dried, and sanded, apply a coat of paint that matches the garage door (or paint the entire door to match and completely hide the bend).

When Should I Replace the Garage Door Panel?

A technician should replace a bent panel if you can’t fix it.  Replacing a garage door panel requires a few tools, including vise grips, a hand-operated winch, and an impact drill. The vise grips fit under the garage door once it’s set to an adjusted height. The garage door cable must be tensioned with a come-along, which is a type of hand ratchet puller. You’ll need to remove the panel’s hinges and crank the ratchet puller to create a space to remove and replace the damaged panel.

A garage door bottom panel, while more prone to damage, requires a different approach to replacement or repair. Neglecting to repair it can result in damage to the entire system. First, unplug the garage door opener. To replace a bottom panel, a hoist is needed to raise the garage door, and a vise grip is used to hold the cable to the drum. Removing and replacing the bottom section requires many precautions and the hinge bolts holding it in place can be difficult to remove.

We do not recommend replacing a bent garage door panel without the help of a professional.

Contact Us for Bent Garage Door Repair

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