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What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your Garage

Getting accidentally locked out of your garage is never pleasant. There may be important matters to tend to at home and a jammed garage door opener can prevent entry in an emergency. How you handle the problem is critical. As many as 30,000 people are injured every year by garage door accidents, according to the […]

What to Do When Your Garage Door Remote Is Stolen

  Burglars are keen on compromising garage security to gain access to homes. You might not think of someone stealing a garage door remote. But it does happen. When someone has access to your remote control, they can open the garage at any time. This leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins, which is never a […]

Garage Door Replacement in 2017: The #1 Home Improvement Project?

Each year Remodeling Magazine publishes a study researching the economic benefits of certain home improvement projects. Some of the home improvements highlighted within the study include: Basement Remodel Bathroom Addition Bathroom Remodel Entry Door Replacement Garage Door Replacement Major Kitchen Remodel Window Replacement The study is conducted both from a national perspective as well as […]

5 Benefits of Installing Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are quite popular amongst industrial and commercial properties. I’m sure you’ve seen them used prominently at schools, retail centers, medical, government, and office buildings. The popularity of roll-up doors seems to be on the rise lately but not many people understand the main benefits of installing these doors on their property. As […]

Garage Insulation – Is it Really Necessary in Southern California?

Temperatures throughout Southern California tend to average around 70 degrees year-round forcing many homeowners to question whether or not garage insulation is really necessary when purchasing a new garage door.  Most associate garage insulation with keeping heat in and keeping the cold out, but there are several other functions of garage insulation you should consider […]

Garage Door Repair – The Hidden Truth

Keeping a keen eye on how your garage door functions is key to maintaining a healthy garage door. But every now and then things happen and a professional garage door repair is needed. The longer you put off having your garage door repaired the more damage you are possibly incurring that’s why we recommend when […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garage Door

Here’s a simple garage door fun fact — did you know that garage doors are typically the largest moving object of any house? Most people if asked that question would probably guess ‘garage doors’ but would you know the following 10 facts regarding garage doors highlighted below? Over 70% of homeowners say their garage door, […]

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Garage Door?

Garage doors are often times taken for granted when it comes to home improvement projects, which is a shame because as we’ve pointed out in several articles (Garage Doors Los Angeles, Garage Doors San Diego, Garage Doors Orange County), garage door replacement ranks at or near the top when it comes to increasing the value […]

5 Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Even as the largest movable part of most homes, garage doors are often overlooked and unappreciated, that is until there is an issue that prevents it from running smoothly. Most minor garage door issues that naturally occur over time can be avoided with a little TLC. So, whether you just purchased a new garage door […]