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How to Open a Garage Door Without Power

Electric garage door openers make life a bit easier. But when there’s a power outage, your garage door cannot open automatically. Unless you have a battery backup the only way to open it is manually. You can do this from the inside or the outside; we will explain how to open a garage door without […]

How Much Should a Garage Extension Cost?

You may consider a garage extension if you purchased a larger vehicle than your previous one. A garage extension can also turn your garage into a home office, dining room, entertainment center, home gym, kitchen, bedroom, or play room. Bear in mind this is not a low-budget project. We’ll detail some of the basic expenses […]

How to Heat a Garage

Most Americans use their garages for more than just housing their vehicles. Some choose to modify their garages into makeshift storage spaces, workshops, play areas, or even art studios. But even with these clever adaptations, most garages aren’t designed to stay warm in the dead of winter. The reason being is they lack adequate insulation. […]

Does Your Home Need a Pedestrian Gate?

As the name suggests, pedestrian gates are designed with the intent of offering a thoroughfare for pedestrians to walk onto a property, home, or business in a controlled fashion. Pedestrian gates typically aren’t wide enough for automobiles to pass through but are large enough to allow access for non-motorized vehicles like bikes or scooters to […]

5 Reasons to Install Wooden Driveway Gates

The safety and security of your home and family are a very real concern to most homeowners, as they should be. Installing a driveway gate is one option that some property owners are looking towards to enhance the security and privacy of their homes. This is especially the case for those that may live on […]

How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

A professional, high-quality garage door can make your home more inviting and secure. Maintaining it will help you maximize its life span, too! Proper maintenance and care are the key to ensuring that this vital piece of equipment lives up to its potential for many years to come. Invest time and care into your garage […]

What Is Garage Door Refacing?

Refurbishing your garage door can significantly improve curb appeal and increase home value. Options include replacing a garage door or even adding windows or painting it. But with garage door refacing, panels can be changed to alter its appearance. Upgrading the surface is a viable option if your budget is limited and your garage door […]

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Repair

If your garage door needs repair, there are two options—attempt to fix it yourself or call a professional. Many repairs require experience and personal protective gear. As for the types of garage door repair you can do with the right tools and parts, here is a look at how to approach the process. Common Garage […]

The Sandstone Garage Door: Unique, Yet Chic

With so many designs to choose from, homeowners often face a long process of planning garage door installation. Sandstone is one option available with many doors, including Mesa’s steel series doors with 24-gauge steel and a 2-inch steel frame. A sandstone garage door can feature a wide array of design elements and creates a unique […]

The Ultimate Garage Security Tip Guide

Often overlooked, garage security is paramount when seeking to secure the home. Burglars and thieves often look for easy points of entry, and your garage provides more than one. Garage break ins are common, up to 9% of burglars will use the garage while 34% will use any unlocked door. Power tools, lawn mowers, leaf […]