Does Your Home Need a Pedestrian Gate?

pedestrian gate

As the name suggests, pedestrian gates are designed with the intent of offering a thoroughfare for pedestrians to walk onto a property, home, or business in a controlled fashion. Pedestrian gates typically aren’t wide enough for automobiles to pass through but are large enough to allow access for non-motorized vehicles like bikes or scooters to pass through. 

Not only are pedestrian gates aesthetically pleasing and can be designed to add a certain allure to a home or business, but they offer business owners and homeowners the opportunity to monitor and restrict who comes onto their property. They act as a stylish way of deterring solicitors and unwanted guests. If you are considering installing one on your home or business we’ll outline some of the benefits of pedestrian gates and how they can offer you increased security and peace of mind. 

Does Your Home Need a Pedestrian Gate?

The pedestrian gate is an elegant way to allow people inside your home or gain access to your property. These gates can be positioned in fences or walls, and they usually have some form of locking mechanism or security access technology installed along with them. Here are 5 reasons why your home needs a pedestrian gate. 

  1. Keep Unwanted Guests Out! – The number one reason why home and business owners install pedestrian gates on the perimeter of their properties is security. Entry gates may be one of the most effective ways to keep your home safe and secure, especially at night. These sturdy gates, when designed and installed properly, can help minimize unauthorized foot traffic while also protecting you from potential break-ins or other criminal activity. Pedestrian gates can also be installed in multiple locations throughout a property to partition off different areas and offer enhanced privacy where it is needed the most. Outfit your pedestrian gate with cameras, two-way microphones, keyless entry, or a gate code so that you can buzz visitors in upon confirming their identity. 
  2. Ward Off Solicitors – Let’s be honest, an unexpected knock at the door isn’t always a welcomed sound, especially these days. But when that phantom knock happens, your pedestrian gate can save you from unwanted conversations or having to interact with annoying solicitors. Keep in mind that entry gates don’t prevent deliveries or mail from reaching you, it merely stops the occasional passersby from coming to your front door. 
  3. Keep Children and Pets Inside the Perimeter – Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and security of those you love. When it comes to young children, nothing can compare to the feeling of being able to provide a safe haven for them. With a pedestrian gate, you can keep strangers out and your loved ones inside a designated and secure area. When it comes to pets, these security gates are a godsend. Pets are great companions, but they naturally are tempted to wander off. Fencing your pet’s perimeter and outfitting it with a pedestrian gate will help ensure they stay far away from busy thoroughfares and potentially fatal traffic accidents.
  4. Adds Curb Appeal – There are a wide variety of security and pedestrian gates on the market today. While their main purpose is to offer enhanced security measures, they do add value to your property or business. Most pedestrian gates are constructed of wrought iron or solid wood. These beautiful pieces of functional art can add serious curb appeal and increase the resale value of your property.
  5. Reduces Your Insurance – When you keep your home safe, it’s easier to make sure that nobody will try breaking in or vandalizing your property. This means less risk and cost for insurance companies because they’ll be able to significantly decrease any potential claims on property damage or theft. Insurance companies are big fans of pedestrian gates. And when you add security cameras and intercom systems, you create an almost impenetrable perimeter around your home. 

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