The Sandstone Garage Door: Unique, Yet Chic

sandstone garage door

With so many designs to choose from, homeowners often face a long process of planning garage door installation. Sandstone is one option available with many doors, including Mesa’s steel series doors with 24-gauge steel and a 2-inch steel frame. A sandstone garage door can feature a wide array of design elements and creates a unique flair that can compliment various other colors and textures.

Where Can a Sandstone Garage Door be Used?

Steel garage doors with a wood grain finish are common. But a tan, warm brown, or similar color is used in many homes. Sandstone is in fact a very light shade of brown. If you’re looking for a tan color to complement your décor, sandstone is the way to go. It is more of a neutral choice, so can blend in or stand out with many types of facades, especially brick or stone.

Garage door options have become so flexible that you can use sandstone for practically any type. That includes:

  • Standard Garage Doors: Traditional-style doors that provide aesthetics and durability. Thermal foam insulation protects against the weather and blocks noise. Steel garage doors can often be fit with an interior reinforcement system to offer more resistance against the wind (and prevent noise too).
  • Carriage Style Garage Doors: Include the features of a standard steel model but have a more traditional wood appearance. Carriage house doors are insulated with foam. The color and style options are numerous and steel doors are also low in maintenance, contribute to energy efficiency, and can protect against break ins.
  • Raised Panel Garage Doors: Sandstone garage doors can feature a short raised panel design, which adds volume using small square or rectangular shaped planes. Many find the repeated pattern attractive. The garage door can catch the eye as a centerpiece of your home’s exterior façade. Another variation is long raised panel doors, which feature a protruding plane of rectangular shapes that repeat. There are fewer raised elements, so the pattern typically appears less cluttered.

Carriage style garage doors can have a long panel design that resembles historic two-panel hinged doors. Short panel doors have a busier pattern of short squares or rectangles. Both designs can feature windows and decorative hardware.

Choosing the Right Color

As with any color, sandstone must be selected based on various criteria. One option is to match your garage door to the color of your house. This can create a seamless blend and you can enlarge the perceived size of your house as well. It’s better not to match your garage door with the same color as your entry door. And while some may want a two-toned garage door to be unique, this doesn’t usually provide the same curb appeal as a single-colored garage door. In other words, if sandstone is the perfect match for your home, the entire garage door should be that color.

Let Mesa Garage Doors Help You Decide

Mesa Garage Doors has over 30 years’ experience installing residential garage doors in Southern California. We specialize in many different styles and can help you with a sandstone garage door if it suits your home and creates the chic vibe you long for. Our technicians can match a door style with your house and customize it in any color, window, or hardware option. Call 800-893-1107 or use our online booking system to schedule an appointment.

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