How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

cost new garage door

While garage door costs can vary greatly, the national average for replacing a garage door is $1,134, according to HomeAdvisor. Typically, the price range is between $757 and $1,562. On the high end, you may spend up to $2,300 or more for garage door replacement.

There are many factors to consider in terms of cost, beyond the garage door itself. A basic garage door model may cost a few hundred dollars, but replacing the one you have can easily come with additional costs. Upgrading from a manual to an automatic garage door is a situation in which you’ll likely pay extra for the work.

Here is a look at other factors that may determine the final price:

  • Removing/Disposing Materials: The price may be included in the initial quote, but this step can cost up to $100.
  • Structural Modifications: If you need to resize the opening, even just add height, key structural elements may need to be removed, braced, and replaced, costing anywhere from $500 to $5,000.
  • Hardware: Garage door springs, nuts and bolts, hinges, pulleys, wires, and other hardware can cost up to $350, which is usually part of your estimate.
  • Locks: A lock helps protect any valuables you keep in the garage, but it can cost anywhere from $100 to up to $350 to install a specific brand lock for your garage door opener.
  • Location: Garage door installation tends to be higher where the cost of living in a particular area is higher. Geographic location is a factor too, as there are price differences from one region to another and local building codes, such as those requiring reinforcement against high winds.
  • Labor: Replacing a garage door can cost you up to $500 in labor, per HomeAdvisor estimates.
  • Customization: You can spend anywhere from $800 to up to $10,000 to customize your garage door with windows, trim and panels, and shatterproof glass; add multiple colors; or install a barn style door. 1

Garage Door Type and Cost

While labor costs are generally the same between different garage door types (a wooden, steel, or aluminum door is installed in the same amount of time), the design is a factor. For example, a manual single-panel garage door can cost from $400 to $1,200, while a sectional model costs anywhere from $750 to $2,500. Space-saving roll-up doors cost $400 to $1,500 on average. A tilt-up canopy door can cost up to $1,500 while a tilt-up retractable door ranges up to $2,000 for installation.

As for garage door material type, expect to spend up to $2,000 for steel, $1,800 for wood, $3,700 for wood composite, or $4,100 for faux wood, on average. Aluminum doors can cost a few hundred to up to $2,000, while fiberglass can cost up to $2,100. A vinyl garage door can go as high as $2,600 but if you’re investing in a high-end wood or composite installation, it can go as high as $10,000.

Trimming the Cost of Garage Door Replacement

You can avoid overspending on garage door replacement by:

  • Installing a standard model door without customization.
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer and hiring an independent contractor for installation.
  • Choosing only add-on features that you absolutely need.
  • Ensuring the door comes with a warranty to cover potential defects later.
  • Maintaining the door properly to avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements.

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