The Ultimate Garage Security Tip Guide

Garage Security Tips

Often overlooked, garage security is paramount when seeking to secure the home. Burglars and thieves often look for easy points of entry, and your garage provides more than one. Garage break ins are common, up to 9% of burglars will use the garage while 34% will use any unlocked door. Power tools, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and other high-ticket items in your garage are often very appealing to criminals. A great start is to get into the mindset of a burglar, which can help identify the most vulnerable spots. Then follow these tips to secure your garage:

Secure Your Garage Door

We’ll start with perhaps the most obvious access point. Your garage door is a prominent feature and the largest moving part of your home. Crooks can find many opportunities to get in through an overhead garage door, and gain entry to your home. To make it more difficult:

  • Keep the Garage Door Closed: All-too-often, people leave their garage doors open while at home. Dong so for just a few seconds can result in theft. Keep the door closed or install a sensor that alerts you if it’s left open or an automatic closer that triggers after a certain amount of time.
  • Prevent Probing: A common means of entry is to push the door inward, insert a wire hook through the gap, and trigger the garage door opener release. To avoid this, purchase a mechanism that’ll only work if it’s pulled straight down, or place garage door windows such that there’s no clear view of the release cord. You can zip tie or cover the cord as well.
  • Repair/Replace Your Garage Door: If your garage door is in disrepair, refurbish it to resist entry or replace it with a modern, more secure model. Older doors tend to have a poorer seal and be less resistant to forced entry. Steel garage doors are common because they’re extremely durable and are easily customizable.

Also, many people simply unplug the garage door opener when they go on vacation. But someone could still open the garage door after breaking into your home, and load your belongings into a van. They can also fish for your release cord. A physical lock will make it more difficult to access the garage door from any side.

Update Your Garage Door Opener

With older garage door openers, burglars can gain entry with scanners that help them find the system’s access code. They can even get in with a neighbor’s remote if it uses the same code. Newer models use rolling codes, so a new code is created every time you use the remote. Smart garage door openers are also a wise investment, and include the latest security features, such as:

  • Monitoring System: A monitor for your garage door can be placed anywhere in the home; you can close the door remotely and know instantly whether it is open or closed.
  • Smartphone App: Lets you track whether the door is open or closed. If it opens suddenly, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone, and you can close it remotely if you’re forgetful.
  • Self-Closing: The opener closes automatically, while you can override the self-closing feature any time or set the increment of time after which the system closes the garage door.

Don’t Leave the Remote in the Car

Thieves often break into cars to steal garage door remotes, which are often kept on the visor or other visible location. And they know your address is on the registration card in the glove compartment. A keychain remote is the safest option as you can always keep it with you. These remotes are affordable and easy to find.

Protect Your Other Doors

The side door is a place where a burglar can remain unseen. A standard lock won’t do because a precise kick can break it loose. If you don’t have one, install a deadbolt lock and replace the strike plate with a reinforced part secured with at least 3-inch screws. The entry door to your home must be secured as well; to start, make sure it’s always locked, and update the locks if necessary.

Light Up the Exterior

Exterior lighting is one of the most effective deterrents. If all entry points are well-lit, burglars are less likely to take the risk of being seen. Motion-activated lighting is best as it saves energy and can immediately startle a thief. Lighting components should be installed at least 10 to 12 feet above the ground so a burglar can’t tamper with them.

Don’t Provide the Advantage of Cover

Shaded areas should be addressed too, including overgrown foliage that can become hiding places. A strategic tree or bush can provide cover even in broad daylight. If there are large trees or shrubs near your garage, consider clearing them away. Another great deterrent is a thorny shrub near garage windows.

Keep Tools Hidden and Locked

For whatever reason, thieves love tools. It’s therefore best not to leave your tool set visible. Tools should be kept in locked cabinets. There are many types of cabinet systems designed for garages.

Install an Alarm System for Your Garage

An alarm system for a garage is just as effective as one for your home. It helps if the security system is visible. This is a great deterrent, and you’ll want to have security cameras over each entry point and a means to monitor video feeds on your smartphone. If there is suspicious activity, you can spot it from anywhere and alert the authorities.

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