What Is Garage Door Refacing?

Refurbishing your garage door can significantly improve curb appeal and increase home value. Options include replacing a garage door or even adding windows or painting it. But with garage door refacing, panels can be changed to alter its appearance. Upgrading the surface is a viable option if your budget is limited and your garage door system is in relatively good shape.

Overlay Your Garage Door

A garage door overlay is a flexible, and affordable, way to update your garage door. There are different material choices and most options come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can customize the overlay to your needs. Overlay options include:

  • Wood: Wood décor is fashionable and many homeowners are adding different types of wood trim. But you don’t have to install real wood. Materials such as PVC or composite wood with a mix of wood fiber, plastic, and binding agents are durable, heavy, and reliable and can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Even a standard steel door can be made to look like a wooden classic.
  • Steel: If you have an aging garage door and don’t prefer traditional wood, a steel overlay can be a lasting, cost-effective option. By adding steel, you benefit from its strength, durability, and resilience. Steel tolerates adverse weather well and is suited for a range of climates. It also doesn’t crack or warp due to moisture and does not require much investment in maintenance or repair.
  • Aluminum: Its lightweight nature makes aluminum a good choice for double garage doors and wider models. Durable and resilient, aluminum can also be made dent-resistant with lamination. It can also be tinted, glazed, or painted in any color. Clear and translucent aluminum is also available. Therefore, refacing your garage door with aluminum allows for many design options.

Garage Door Skins vs. Garage Door Replacement

It generally costs just a few hundred dollars to update the skin of your garage door (you can also add insulation while you’re at it, which can improve efficiency and reduce energy costs). On the other hand, you could pay a couple thousand dollars to replace a single garage door. Installing a real wood door can be prohibitively expensive. But you can have the same look for less by refacing your garage door.

Garage door overlay kits allow you to perform a complete makeover. There are many options on the market so you can either choose from what is available or have panels customized. Installation is often easier than you think. Many kits consist of magnetic panels, so all you need to do is properly measure your garage door and choose the matching panels. If you have a metal garage door, the magnetic panels can be attached without tools (just be sure to clean the door and let it dry before installation).

The panels are usually marked by the manufacturer to help you install them in the correct order. With the door raised chest-high, start fitting the bottom panels from left to right. The manufacturer’s instructions should show you the correct order; once you’ve aligned the panels on the first row, move to the one above it, until you reach the top of the door. For double doors, start by fitting the edge panels.

Contact Mesa Garage Doors

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