Why Does My Garage Door Light Stay On?

All day, you thought the garage door opener light had turned off after you left. Then you arrive home after work to find it’s still on! The light is supposed to switch off automatically after a few minutes, so what happened?  We will explain a few answers to the question, “Why does my garage door light stay on?” in detail.

Reasons a Garage Door Light Won’t Shut Off

The garage door opener light normally stays on for about 4 minutes. It is connected to a timer and controlled by a logic receiver board. If the light does not shut off, here are the main reasons why:

The Light Switch Was Turned On

You can manually control the garage door light on the wall panel. If the light switch here is engaged, the light will stay on. To turn it off, simply press the button or touchscreen to disable the light switch. It’s easier than you think to activate it accidentally. But now, the light should stay off until you activate it again or open the garage door.

The Motion Sensor Detected Movement

The motion sensor on your garage door opener will trigger the light when it senses someone has walked in front of it. You can turn the feature off remotely or at the wall panel. But it is included for safety reasons. Walking around a dark garage can result in tripping over something and getting hurt. Therefore, the motion sensor is a useful feature, and some are sensitive enough to detect heat. Check the product manual for the type of sensor you have.

The Light Has Been Activated

The light feature may have been intentionally set to run automatically. Some garage door opener lights operate through the photo eye sensors. When something passes in front of the sensors, or you enter or exit the garage, the light comes on. 

Disengage the light using the wall-mounted control panel or any remote access features. To do so, find the light settings in the control menu. Then click the automatic light button and turn off the sensory function.

The System Needs to Be Reset

If you’re still asking why your garage door light stays on after trying these steps, reset the logic board. First, reset the light timer so it turns off in 90 seconds instead of 4 minutes. Then disconnect the power and wiring from the garage door opener. Wait 90 seconds and reconnect the power. If the lights come on, reconnect the opener.

When to Call for Help

But if the lights don’t come on or act erratically, the wiring in the logic board may be faulty. The underlying problem may be more significant than you realize. If it’s not fixed soon, other parts of your garage door system may be damaged, costing more in repairs.

Call for help if the lights blink on and off or a red light appears after restoring the power. A garage door technician will inspect the system for wiring and other problems. 

Contact Mesa Garage Doors

Why does my garage door light stay on?” is not a question you should ignore. The issue may be more than a simple nuisance. At the very least, it will draw more power than necessary. At Mesa Garage Doors, our experienced technicians will find the root cause of the problem and quickly complete any necessary adjustments or repairs. We work with all types of garage door openers. Book online or call (714) 844-5741 to schedule service and receive a free repair estimate.

Guide to Purchasing Glass Garage Doors in Los Angeles

It’s not uncommon to see glass garage doors in Los Angeles. Sleek and modern, they are desirable to homeowners who want to modernize their properties. Glass garage doors typically have an aluminum frame, which is durable, lightweight, and rust- and corrosion-resistant. If you are considering installing one in your garage, here’s a guide to help make important decisions.

What Is a Glass Garage Door?

A glass garage door functions the same as any other garage door. It is opened and closed by a standard garage door opener. A metal frame serves as the main structural component. However, glass panels determine the overall look and feel of the finished product. Glass doors can be installed in residential or commercial garages.

Glass Garage Door Options

Glass garage doors are highly customizable. For that reason, there are many considerations when purchasing one, including:

  • Glass Type: Tempered glass is often standard. It is heat-treated to make it four times stronger than standard glass and won’t break into large dangerous shards. Insulated glass is thicker and increases energy efficiency if you want to keep your garage warmer. For even greater shatter-resistance and soundproofing qualities, laminated glass is available.
  • Glass Thickness: The standard thickness for garage door glass is ⅛ inch. However, it’s more common for people to choose ¼-inch thick tempered glass. Insulated glass is typically available in 7/16-inch, ⅝-inch, and 1-inch thick options.
  • Opacity: Frosted glass allows less light in and increases privacy. It can also have aesthetic advantages depending on the design you prefer. Window glass can be tinted, mirrored, or shaded black for the most privacy.

Cost of Glass Garage Doors

As of June 2022, installing a residential glass garage door costs $4,500 on average.1 But the actual installation cost varies. Glass garage doors in Los Angeles are found in a range of sizes, materials, finishes, and designs. Tempered glass garage doors tend to cost less than insulated or laminated units. And, generally, the larger the door, the higher the price. Common sizes include 8’ x 7’, 8’ x 8’, 9’ x 8’, 10’ x 8’, 16’ x 8’, and others.

Door style is another cost factor. Rollup doors are usually more costly than swing-up garage doors but have fewer maintenance requirements. Anodized aluminum frames are often standard, but many manufacturers offer a choice of colored powdered coatings that can add to the price. Filling the frame, rails, and stiles with an insulative layer also increases the cost. The cost of replacing or upgrading your existing garage door opener may be a factor as well.

Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

In addition to boosting your home’s curb appeal and modernizing its exterior, installing a glass garage door allows you to enjoy these perks:

  • Resistance to the Elements: Unlike wood and other sensitive materials, glass doors won’t decay, rot, or warp due to weather conditions. They are also moisture- and insect-resistant.
  • Durability: Most people think of glass as fragile and easily breakable. But tempered glass is much stronger. It does not wear out and is as durable as wood or aluminum panels.
  • Energy Efficiency: Glass garage doors allow natural light into your garage, reducing the need for artificial light. Insulating materials keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard.
  • Privacy: You can choose opaque glass that allows enough light to enter. Meanwhile, it protects your privacy inside and prevents potential intruders from taking a peek to see your valuables.
  • Low Maintenance: A glass garage door doesn’t need to be re-painted or re-stained. You can remove dirt and grime with a glass cleaning solution and towel. However, you will need to clean the glass panels frequently. The aluminum frame can be cleaned with mild detergent and rinsed with a garden hose.

Accessories for Glass Garage Doors

You can add latches, pull handles, or ring pulls to your garage door. Strap hinges can also be included. There are custom door stops and seals as well. If you desire, you can install faux handles that match the style of the door. Contact your garage door installer to learn about all your options. 

Contact Us About Glass Garage Doors in Los Angeles

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