Can Garage Doors Actually Increase Your Home Value?

garage door curb appeal

The exterior of your home has an impact on its value. A clean, inviting décor has a positive effect; and since a garage door can take up a third of your façade, an aesthetic door that’s in good condition can boost value. High curb appeal alone can increase the market value of your home 7%. In slower markets, it can rise as high as 14%.

What Does Curb Appeal Mean?

What exactly is curb appeal? It is not a quantifiable aspect of your home, but rather an observable and often subjective aspect. Broken pavement, chipped paint, and dented garage doors are just a few examples of issues that can reduce curb appeal. Real estate listings often highlight a home’s square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and whether recent home improvements have been made. However, the look of your home from the street shapes a buyer’s/investor’s first impression before they even go inside.

Curb appeal combines all standout design elements used for your home’s exterior. Before real estate listing websites, buyers would use it to pick which properties to see. They’d have to physically travel to the house after calling their real estate agent to set up a showing. Nowadays, photographs of multiple properties can be viewed simultaneously, virtual tours can be taken online and the housing market place is now much more competitive.

The Connection Between Garage Doors and Curb Appeal

The garage door is a large, prominent feature that deserves a lot of attention. It can easily increase home value because of its ability to:

  • Provide Balance: The design of the door should compliment that of your front door and the overall appearance of your home’s architecture. For example, if your home has large windows, a garage door with built-in windows may be a good idea.
  • Add Contrast: Using the same color scheme, the door can blend in, but the overall impact can be boring. Warmth and contrast can be provided by contrasting colors, unique panel designs, custom finishes, and windows and other decorative options.
  • Restore Your Home’s Original Charm: If your home was built in the middle of the last century, it’s probably been renovated a few times. Some of its charm may have been lost in the process. To restore the charm, garage door manufacturers and dealers today offer many options to update your door to suit your home’s style.
  • Improve Safety: New garage doors are fit with technologies such as auto reverse systems and photosensors, rotating security codes, and Wi-Fi access so you can check on its status or close the door if you forgot to. Modern doors better resist intruders and can update you instantly if something is suspicious.
  • Increase Efficiency: Manufacturers have been more diligent at sealing and insulating garage doors. Weather sealing and layers of insulation can stabilize the temperature both in the garage and in the living space of your home. Additionally, an insulated garage door can cut energy costs and block outside noise.

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