11 Ways to Boost Garage Security

The garage door is often the most prominent feature of a home’s front façade. Depending on many factors, it may also be the most vulnerable. It’s a common entry point for burglars. And garages hold many valuables, from cars to power tools, to lawnmowers and other items we don’t often think thieves are looking for. You can avoid theft with these effective ways to boost garage door security and protect your garage.

  1. Close the Door : It’s not uncommon to see garage doors left open in residential neighborhoods. Even if you briefly leave the area unattended when, for example, taking out the garbage or doing yard work, a thief can quickly do their dirty work. Simply leaving the garage door closed can avoid trouble.
  2. Add a Garage Door Lock : A handle is like an open invitation to a burglary. Many handles don’t lock on their own, but you can install a locking handle for protection. Also put a slide lock on the inside of the door, which manually slides into place from the inside. A padlock attached to a door track is also effective.
  3. Lock the Entry to Your House : If you have an attached garage, lock the door between the garage and your house. An unlocked door allows easy entry when your garage has already been compromised. Installing a steel security door with a deadbolt provides even more protection.
  4. Cover/Frost the Windows : An effective precaution is to cover the windows to your garage. Blinds or curtains work well, or you can add a translucent film that will let in some sunlight. Frosted glass will too, while hiding whatever a would-be thief may be looking for.
  5. Secure Your Garage Door Opener Remote : Never leave the remote unattended in the car. Some people leave it in the glovebox; others let it dangle from the sun visor. Instead, keep the garage door opener remote in a pocket or your purse, link it to a keychain, and always store it in your house.
  6. Cover the Emergency Release Cord : Using a coat hanger, a garage door can be opened from the outside in under a minute. To prevent this, cover the emergency release cord so a thief can’t reach it. Securing the cord with a zip tie can also boost garage door security.
  7. Add Motion Sensing Floodlights : Thieves prefer to work in darkness. A burst of bright light usually sends them running, which is why motion-detecting floodlights are an effective deterrent, especially for detached garages that might not be illuminated as well. There are solar-powered lights that don’t require electrical connections.
  8. Install Security Cameras : Place the camera in a visible location. No burglar want’s their face, physical appearance, or clothing recorded. Some security cameras are motion-activated, and start recording when you leave or someone approaches, while other models have night vision. Others sync to smart home systems so you can monitor your garage door from a smartphone.
  9. Keep Valuables Out of Sight : High-value items should not be near windows or where they can be seen from outside. Instead, place them in closed cabinets or a separate storage room. Also, store your tools in a specialized cabinet with locks; if necessary, add locks to your tool storage.
  10. Upgrade to a Smart Garage Door Opener : The newest garage door openers can be operated using a smartphone app. Some of these, like MyQ from Liftmaster, shows you whether the door is open or closed and, if someone tries to break in, you’ll get an alert on your phone. You can even tap the screen to close the door or open it to let someone in.
  11. Update Your Garage Door : A secure garage door lock isn’t enough. Your garage door should be in good condition. Warping, poor seals, and damaged/run-down garage doors are a security risk. Outdated units should be replaced with secure options like steel garage doors. A fresh new door will also improve curb appeal and likely energy efficiency.

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