10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Garage Door

garage door facts

Here’s a simple garage door fun fact — did you know that garage doors are typically the largest moving object of any house? Most people if asked that question would probably guess ‘garage doors’ but would you know the following 10 facts regarding garage doors highlighted below?

  1. Over 70% of homeowners say their garage door, not the front entry door, is the main access point to their home. (National survey)
  2. In addition, over 71% of homeowners use garage door openers to get into their homes every day. (National consumer survey)
  3. A typical garage door can command up to 6 times more space than a front entry door.
  4. Garages are getting bigger. Roughly 23% of new one-family houses completed in 2014 had a three-car (or-more) garage. This compares to only 11% in 1992. (U.S. Census Characteristics of New Housing)
  5. Garage doors, on average, can take up more than 30% of the front view of the house.
  6. Replacing your current standard garage door with an upscale garage door can increase the appraised value of your home by 1 to 4%. (StrataMark national study)
  7. 92% of all garage door manufacturers offer online garage door designers on their websites.
  8. Due to high spring tension, installing or repairing a garage door can cause serious injury or death.
  9. 73% of homeowners who recently replaced their garage door believe it increased the value of their home. (Nationwide online survey)
  10. Lose the garage door, lose the home. When hit with high winds, a home’s destruction often starts with the garage door, especially a double-wide, non-insulated, non-reinforced door. (FEMA report)
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